MoSaIC Project aims to favour the integration of European culture through music, with the
creation of a community of musicians operating in a great Choir and Symphonic Orchestra.
Many young European citizens and aiming to be so will be involved, both professionals and
amateurs, in a path of reciprocal knowledge and collaboration, that will give everyone the
chance to share their own traditions and musical abilities. A path of reciprocal knowledge
that will lead to explore various musical genres typically European, but not only, from
classical music to modern, from pop to jazz, from choral music to instrumental, and will lead,
eventually, to the creation and performance of new partitures.


Music will represent the core of all project activities, as it will be considered the instrument to
allow young people to share their personal and cultural heritage, their own social context of
origin, and at the same time will introduce them to the history of European music, to build a
common sense of identity. A Orchestra and a Choir will be created, composed of both
immigrants and EU citizens, that will play musical pieces shared and elaborated jointly, to
spread in the countries involved in the project and in the whole Europe. The project will also
reach schools of every class and level, involving kids directly, making them learn a new
musical language, born from very different human stories. They will be asked to write the
lyrics of the communal European hymn. This way will be given value to the intangible cultural
heritage of both young European citizens and of those that come from different countries,
thanks to the dissemination to a wider audience, in particular students. The exchange
between music and tradition among musicians and school-aged kids will facilitate the fusion
of music genres, the enrichment of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, adding new cultural
influences, and the integration of differences, in a more inclusive musical and cultural


MoSaIC sees the involvement of four partners working to favour the promotion of music and
culture, geographically situated in order to cover the whole European territory and aims to
promote the creation of an integrated and cosmopolitan culture in Europe, through the
musical cooperation and co-creation.